In Between the Stitches

“Crocheting keeps me from unraveling.”

In between the stitches

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I learned how to crochet and knit as a child from my grandmother, but didn’t pick it up as a hobby until after I graduated from college. With so much free time, I found enjoyment in crocheting blankets, hats, and diaper covers as gifts for others.

Earlier this year, my husband was laid off from work and the stress was haunting. We lost insurance, daycare, and needed income. I was pregnant with our second child and found myself fearing how we would provide stability for our children. It was then that I decided to close some of the gap by selling my diaper cover sets and was both overwhelmed and flattered by the response.

We’ve been blessed as our prayers have been answered and my husband has found an incredible job. We no longer have any gaps to fill, but that doesn’t mean that I want the fun to stop! After my experience selling on social media, I decided to sell on other platforms as well. To date, I’ve sold about 15 sets! No matter the success, creating something out of a strand of yarn gives me an incredible amount of joy.

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