My Attempt at the Home Girl Sweater

My social media accounts say, “crochet enthusiast,” but that doesn’t actually mean that I’m good at it. In terms of skill, I’m probably teetering within intermediate, but careless mistakes ought to throw me right back into beginner (you’ll see why); however, I still love the process.

I follow several yarn accounts on Instagram and many who are so incredibly gifted at either crocheting or knitting. The patience and amount of time that goes into each project and pattern is astounding. One blog that is a favorite of mine is Megmade With Love. Recently, I attempted to crochet one of her many patterns – The Home Girl Sweater. You can purchase the PDF here, or visit her site for the free pattern. I considered posting the entire pattern here to keep those actually interested in the pattern from clicking on a link just to click on another link, but it is so important that she gets all the credit for her work.

I started this pattern not knowing what I was exactly getting myself into. I was getting tired of doing hats, scarves, and blankets; I wanted to challenge myself in an area that I hadn’t attempted before. I saw this pattern and went for it, but by the time I finished, it was March and the weather was warming up. Ironic, isn’t it?

This pattern takes time and is not a quick project like many that I’m used to. I felt myself getting tired of it and wanted something that had instant gratification. I kept pushing myself and ended up with a sweater that was 4 sizes too big. Some suggested I could wear it at home for comfort, but the weight of it literally could’ve suffocated my dog.

My mistake: I didn’t gauge! Please, for your bank account and sanity, gauge! I kept following the pattern and had to purchase more yarn than what the pattern called for. I assumed this was fine because my stitch count was exact. Turns out, I just crochet loose. So, again, gauge. The end result was beautiful in terms of her pattern. One fatal mistake made me have to undo the entire thing because I’m a numskull. Go ahead, laugh at my pain.

But really, enjoy!

What You’ll Need:

Yarn Bee Soft and Sleek DK
-size H (5 mm) hook, or size needed to obtain gauge (you know, the part I skipped)
-yarn needle
-sewing pins

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