Her Home

Her home was isolated in the wilderness,
Far from others as the storm approached,
She was saddened by this sense of loneliness
That formed as she wandered down this road.

Her home was perched on the hill,
As strong and wholesome as she recalled,
It stood, waiting for her arrival
Knowing that she’d come along.

Her home grew angry at the distance,
Because it had built them with time,
It wanted to keep her to itself
But she just wanted to say goodbye.

Her home was from her childhood,
With her parents and her brothers,
She often thought back to the days
When they were close to one another.

Her home represented so much more,
than just four walls or a shelter,
it represented the moments they shared
Before those moments began to shatter.

Her home before her brothers grew and parents separated,
Leaving her behind in the shadow of their presence,
She walked through the doors heavy with silence,
Until they slammed shut, sending a message.

Her home would not let her leave,
But she couldn’t let go,
It had decided to affect her present,
Because she never felt at home.

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