Twenty-One Candles

I shaved my head when I was twenty-one. I can remember the excitement that ran through my body the moment the clippers made contact and hair fell around me. My hair reached far down my back, and within five minutes, it was gone. I looked out at the faces around me, seeing family members and … Continue reading Twenty-One Candles

The One Where I Walked Away

I sat there, confused and feeling awkward. Sure, the awkwardness was a familiar feeling for me, but this, this I was not prepared for. I looked around, feeling the anxiety run through my blood. I wanted to leave, but weighed down by inexperience, I stayed where I was. I watched those around me, everyone leaned … Continue reading The One Where I Walked Away

The One Where He Let Me Go

“I love Pink Lloyd.” I felt the blood drain from my face as the realization hit that I said the wrong name. After an awkward pause, the heat began to come back, filling my cheeks with embarrassment and a need to recover myself. “Oh, me too!” He was being nice, but fans of Pink Floyd … Continue reading The One Where He Let Me Go