So This is Christmas

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” I hummed along to the music, but felt nothing. I was working at Toys R 'Us as a seasonal employee and while I enjoyed seeing the excited faces of those bustling in for the sake of Christmas shopping, I was constantly being reminded of how much the … Continue reading So This is Christmas

The One Where I Walked Away

I sat there, confused and feeling awkward. Sure, the awkwardness was a familiar feeling for me, but this, this I was not prepared for. I looked around, feeling the anxiety run through my blood. I wanted to leave, but weighed down by inexperience, I stayed where I was. I watched those around me, everyone leaned … Continue reading The One Where I Walked Away

The One Where He Let Me Go

“I love Pink Lloyd.” I felt the blood drain from my face as the realization hit that I said the wrong name. After an awkward pause, the heat began to come back, filling my cheeks with embarrassment and a need to recover myself. “Oh, me too!” He was being nice, but fans of Pink Floyd … Continue reading The One Where He Let Me Go